Tony Visconti on Morrissey’s current recording situation

Rolling Stone interviewed producer Tony Visconti about his work on David Bowie‘s new album “The Next Day“. Visconti said a few words on Morrissey‘s current recording situation:

Do you think that you and Morrissey will ever work together again?
Hopefully we will. I’m going to see him Friday night in Brooklyn. We email a lot. We talk a lot. He’s very reluctant to have a deal with anybody. Cause nowadays, the problem is, when a label signs you – right now, he has no label – so if I sign a new label deal, he has to sign a 360 deal. They want a piece of everything. If you write a book, if you write a song, if you’re in a movie, they want part of your fee for all these things. So that’s the deal that the big labels are offering now and that’s because sales are so low and they have to make up their money some way. He’s totally against that. He’s old-school. Actually I don’t blame him.

He could pull a Radiohead and post it online for a fee.
I know. He’s also old school about paying for it himself. Traditionally, the label’s gotta pay for him. I understand that, and there’s an old saying in show business that you never invest your own money in a show. It kinda follows onto recording to some extent, but that attitude has changed.

He could also sign to an indie label that wouldn’t make him sign a 360. . . But beyond that, he has enough fans that he’d make a killing charging $10 for an album online?
Yeah, he’ll make his money back, yeah. He’s playing his new songs onstage, they’re being recorded on cell phones every night of the week and they’re wonderful songs.

Read the interview @ Rolling Stone

Source: Rolling Stone

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  1. And the anticipation continues…

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