Morrissey speaks out on London riots

Morrissey has spoken out on the recent London riots, asking if David Cameron has ever visited Tottenham.

Morrissey seems unable to keep out of the press these days. The indie icon is still searching for a new label, but appears to have swapped a record contract for press inches.

Infamously speaking his mind over the atrocities in Norway, the singer endured criticism from his own fans after claiming that the murders were “nothing” compared to the actions of fast food firms.

The singer may receive a warmer welcome for his thoughts on the London riots. The widespread disturbances began in Tottenham at the weekend, before spreading across much of East London.

Due to sheer coincidence, Morrissey was scheduled to perform at the O2 Academy Brixton on Sunday night (August 7th). Commenting on the riots, the singer asked the crowd: “Has David Cameron ever been to Tottenham? I don’t think so”.

Continuing, the singer revealed his delight at witnessing the Prince of Wales being caught up in last year’s student protests. According to the Evening Standard, Morrissey told the Brixton Academy crowd: “In what our slanted media called the student riots, Charles and ‘Camel’ came face to face with the British public, without the protection of Buckingham Palace or the police. And what happened to them, I couldn’t stop laughing about for weeks – no, months.”

The riots in London have provoked a varied response from artists. While some are sympathetic towards the underlying social tensions, the loss of the PIAS warehouse has hit a raw nerve.

Writing on his Twitter feed, Frank Turner said: “People saying they burnt down PIAS, UK indie distributor. Oh well, there goes independent labels. Fuck.”

Source: CLASH

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